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Startup and Testing (4) Configuration with Asterisk (3)
System Test - Loop-back Plug
Basic Start-Up - AutoT1
Installing the CB24 with Asterisk
Unlocking the CB-24 Display
Special Modes (6)
FXS Analog DID
CB24 Use with Paging Amps and Door Intercoms
 Installing the CB24 with Asterisk
  Installing the CB24 with Asterisk Introduction Configuring the CB24 to work with Asterisk is very straightforward, the hardest part is configuring Asterisk since the CB24 will basically configure itself with the Rhino AutoT
 Rhino Not Detecting the Asterisk T1 Link
  Rhino Not Detecting the Asterisk T1 Link IntroductionWhen you connect your Rhino T1/E1/J1 product it does not see the link.Resolution Only two real issues to look for here -- is
 Disconnect Supervision
 Introduction Disconnect supervision is the telephone company, or whatever upstream equipment the card is plugged into, electrically signaling the card that the line has been hung up. Traditionally, on lines without disconnect supervision (aka
 CB24 FXO Ports Do Not Hangup, or Are Slow to Hangup
  Having trouble with FXO ports hanging after a call is ended? ¬†Most likely the issue is analog related since the ports all work, but have a delay
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