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CB24 Cabling (4)
T1 Cables (USOC RJ48)
RJ21 (amphenol) Cable
 Unlocking the Front Panel
 Unlocking the Front Panel Introduction The CB24 powers ON with the front panel in the "locked" mode, as well as after a few minutes of key press inactivity the CB24 will "lock" the keys. Note that when the
 CB24 Documentation
  CB24 Documentation Introduction All Rhino documentation can be found on the CDROM that came with our unit, or on the Rhino FTP site. InformationThe CB24 support files can be found at the foll
 CB24 LCD Display Fields
 CB24 LCD Display Fields Introduction The CB24 product has a wonderful realtime debugging tool, the front panel LCD. On this display you can basically "see" what is happening inside the box, on the T1 and on the anal
 Updating CB24 Firmware
  Updating CB24 Firmware IntroductionUpdating the firmware in a CB24 is simple using a Windows platform, the Rhino GUI, and a straight DB9 male to female cable. Links:All of the information to perform this upda
 Testing the T1 Port
  Testing the CB24 T1 Port Introduction It is a simple task to check to see if your CB24 unit's T1 port is working as designed. This article details some steps you can take to troubleshoot your T1 connections.In
 Links to general T1 Info
  Links to general T1 Info. Introduction If you are new to "Digital Telephony" and would like to learn more about T1 lines, below is a group of links collected that may help you.Disclaimer Links are b
 Disconnect Supervision
 Introduction Disconnect supervision is the telephone company, or whatever upstream equipment the card is plugged into, electrically signaling the card that the line has been hung up. Traditionally, on lines without disconnect supervision (aka
 CB24 FXO Ports Do Not Hangup, or Are Slow to Hangup
  Having trouble with FXO ports hanging after a call is ended? ¬†Most likely the issue is analog related since the ports all work, but have a delay
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