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 Codecs and Bandwidth
  Codecs and Bandwidth Introduction Coded is the contraction of COder DECoder. It is the algorithm used for compressing voice traffic in order to limit its bandwidth consumption on a network. There are sev
 3rd Party Links and Off site resources.
  3rd Party Links and Off site resources. IntroductionAs a hardware manufacturer, our products come in to contact with a lot of software that is not supported by our support team, this includes Trixbox
 Finding Bugs
  Finding Bugs IntroductionSometimes the issue isn't in your configuration or in something you have done. Sometimes a piece of code gets missed or over looked prior to release and end users will report these issues as "bug
 Debugging with zttool
  Debugging with zttoolIntroductionzttool is a critical tool for debugging. This article describes some of the debugging information provided by zttool.InformationHere is some very essential zttool
 Formatting WAV files for use in Asterisk
  Formatting WAV files for use in Asterisk IntroductionIn order for Asterisk to use your WAV files they must be sampled at 8khz. You can easily resample your wav files in Linux with a utility called sox.
 Common FreePBX Tasks
  Common FreePBX Tasks Introduction Below is a list of Links all of which take you to the FreePBX site. These articles will help you get started with FreePBX. Some features may require you to
 Asterisk Basics
  Asterisk Basics Introduction If you are new to Asterisk and trying to learn how to configure it unassisted by a utility like FreePBX an invaluable resource is a book by Jim Van Meggelen, Jared Smith, and
 How to see what is going on in your Ceros
  How to see what is going on in your Ceros IntroductionHave you ever wondered how to check to see if your cards are configured? How about to see what happens when you ma
 FreePBX multiple extensions use a common voicemail box
  How to make multiple extensions use a common voicemail box Based on community feedback this article may not be relevant to cur
 Using FreePBX Back End for trixbox CE Authentication
  Using FreePBX Back End for trixbox CE Authentication Introduction One of the cool features of FreePBX that seems to get lost when it goes in to trixbox is the ability to have multiple users. The following article explains ho
 Converting Your MP3's to GSM
  Converting Your MP3's to GSM IntroductionTo ease system resources and reduce transcoding you may wish to convert your MP3 files to gsm. This can be done with the sox applicationResolutionI
 Asterisk Does Not Trigger Gate/Door Buzzer
  Asterisk Does Not Trigger Gate/Door Buzzer Introduction When using Rhino analog products connected to a door system or front gate you are usually required to press a key to "buzz" the caller in. The tones sent by Asterisk
 Setting the Order of Inbound/Outbound Routes
  ¬†Setting the Order of Inbound/Outbound RoutesIntroductionIn the event that a Zaptel group is not in the order you want inbound/outbound trunks to be used, then this article should help.Information If you want to o
 FreePBX Outbound Routing and Trunks.
  Outbound Routing and Trunks. Explained by Joe Roper (used with permission) There are two
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