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R1T1 Kernel Panic on shutdown
Configuring an R2T1 for bonded T1
Motherboards, Kernels, Compatibility (1)
 How to Update RCBFX Firmware on Rhino Analog Cards
  Updating the rcbfx.fw Firmware File IntroductionThere are two methods to updating rcbfx.fw firmware on Rhino analog cards:1) the firmware file version is newer than the one currently insta
 Updating R1T1/R2T1/R4T1 Firmware
  Updating R1T1/R2T1/R4T1 Firmware Introduction In the event that your R1T1/R2T1/R4T1 firmware is out of date and causing issues, it may be required that you update it.  An error saying ' <36 you need to
 What is Echo Cancellation, and What is "Hoth Noise"
  Your Echo Canceler and You: What is "Hoth Noise?"Hoth Noise is that "schussing" sound that you hear when an echo canceler is in action.  Normally, this is a good indication that the
 Running Linux Kernel 3.x, the drivers say it's incompatible
  Compiling against Linux Kernel 3.xIssue
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