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Installation and Configuration (24) Information and Troubleshooting (17)
Compiling Rhino Drivers on CentOS 5+
Setting up E1 on Rhino Digital Cards
Forcing load order for Hot Plug Kernels.
Setting up E1 on Rhino Digital Cards
 R1T1 Kernel Panic on shutdown
  R1T1 Kernel Panic on shutdown Introduction When shutting down your Ceros with an R1T1 inside the system may panic due to open communication with Zaptel from the front panel. Resolution¬†This issue can be r
 Configuring an R2T1 for bonded T1
  Configuring an R2T1 for bonded T1 This article details the configuration of a Rhino R2T1 for a bonded T1 using Debian Lenny. In this example, the interface is configured to use ethernet framing, not PPP, on a point-to-point WAN connection
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