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Ceros Doesn't turn on out of the box after plugging in
RSLI Wrapper errors in the Rhino Ceros
Ceros Doesn't turn on out of the box after plugging in
 CentOS RAID-1 - Second Drive Boot Failure Patch
 RAID1 - First Drive Failure, Second Drive will NOT Boot Introduction This article addresses an issue with the bootloader configuration on CentOS RAID-1 installations. The bootloader (GRUB) installed to the second drive was configured t
 How To Replace A Failed Drive
  Replacing a Failed DriveIntroductionThis article assumes that the drive at sdb has failed, you have contacted Rhino to confirm this, and they have shipped you the replacement drive.
 How to see what is going on in your Ceros
  How to see what is going on in your Ceros IntroductionHave you ever wondered how to check to see if your cards are configured? How about to see what happens when you ma
 RSLI ( CEROS LCD ) installation
  RSLI ( CEROS LCD ) installation Introduction This article covers the install of the RSLI package which operated the front panel of the CEROS. These instructions are intended to allow people who d
 Ceros Default Passwords
  Default Passwords Introduction Below is a list of some of the default usernames and passwords you may encounter with Rhino products. Since you and everyone reading this article will know these passwords it is highly rec
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