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Installation and Configuration (3) Information and Troubleshooting (7)
RSLI ( CEROS LCD ) installation
Beeping from redundant power supply
Forcing load order for Hot Plug Kernels.
Securing trixbox CE 2.4
 Ceros Doesn't turn on out of the box after plugging in
  Ceros Doesn't turn on out of the box after plugging in Introduction The following information applies to the Ceros-Mini and Ceros systems shipped after January 2008Resolution
 RSLI Wrapper errors in the Rhino Ceros
  RSLI Wrapper errors in the Rhino Ceros Introduction If you see the a variation of the following: /home/rhino /bin/rsli_wrapper rsli_wrapper:Line 6 XXXX Terminated This i
 Restoring a Rhino Ceros
  Restoring a Rhino Ceros IntroductionThe first step in restoring your Ceros to its factory setup would be to download the version of the distro of Linux you recieved.  (Please note: you may also use mor
 Setting System Time-Date-Timezone
 Setting System Time-Date-Timezone IntroductionThis document explains how to set your computer's clock from Linux, how to set your timezone, and other stuff related to Linux and how it does its time-keeping. Your
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