Useful Command Line Tips

Useful Commands


The following commands are very useful for operating in Trixbox, Elastix, PBX in a Flash, and other Linux-based systems.


[Tab key] - use this to auto-complete command line entries (not a command, but very useful!)

uname -r displays the kernel version

cat /proc/zaptel/* - shows the installed zaptel compatible cards and channels

modinfo rcbfx - shows information about the associated linux driver

modprobe rcbfx - load a module, in this case the rcbfx module, using the rules found in
/etc/modprobe.conf (used to load the module AND perform a ztcfg, for example)

insmod rcbfx.ko - load a module, all by itself. This is particularly useful when a module
has command line options, use modinfo to see those

rmmod rcbfx - unload a module, in this case the rcbfx module

lsmod - shows the installed linux modules, sometimes if the list is long using grep to
isolate the zaptel associated entries with lsmod | grep zaptel helps to lessen the screen output

lspci - shows the PCI cards installed

cat /proc/interrupts - shows how the interrupts in a linux system are routed

ztcfg -vvv forces zaptel to read zaptel.conf, and to associate entries there with the
module interface

zttool - show the zaptel compatible cards, their overall status, and if selecting a card, its
individual status and signaling states

amportal restart - special method to get Trixbox installations to restart Asterisk

udevstart - restarts the module handling utility, normally this starts on boot

Applies To

Linux, and Zaptel


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