Forcing load order for Hot Plug Kernels.

Forcing Driver Loading Order on Hot Plug Kernels


Please note: some of the Items in here may be distribution-specific this article applies to several kernels but the reference kernel is 2.6.18 on CentOS. If you installed from an RPM the modprobe rule file is already installed.


Step 1: Download our modprobe file to the appropriate location:
            wget -O /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.rhino
Step 2: The above file is setup for Zaptel If you are using DAHDI run the following command otherwise go to
            step 3

                        sed -i 's/ztcfg/dahdi_cfg/g' /etc/modprobe.d/modprobe.rhino
Step 3: With the above file the modules will NOT load at all therefore we want to use the init scripts to load the drivers.

Zaptel: Edit /etc/sysconfig/zaptel and add or uncomment the lines respective to your driver Digital before

 For Single span Digital(T1/E1/J1) cards: MODULES="$MODULES r1t1"

 For Multi-span Digital(T1/E1/J1) cards: MODULES="$MODULES rxt1"

 For analog cards: MODULES="$MODULES rcbfx"


For the DAHDI init script to load the Rhino Modules you may add the following to /etc/dahdi/modules in order digital before analog each on its own line:

         For analog cards: rcbfx
         For Single Span Digital (T1/E1/J1): r1t1
         For Multi-Span Digital (T1/E1/J1): rxt1

Add to /etc/rc.local Digital before Analog and only if your NOT using the init scripts.

         For analog cards: modprobe rcbfx
         For Single Span Digital (T1/E1/J1): modprobe r1t1
         For Multi-Span Digital (T1/E1/J1): modprobe rxt1

Applies To

Rhino PCI cards used with Kernels that support Hot Plugging of modules


driver loading, CentOS5 kernel

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