Installing the CB24 with Asterisk

Installing the CB24 with Asterisk


Configuring the CB24 to work with Asterisk is very straightforward, the hardest part is configuring Asterisk since the CB24 will basically configure itself with the Rhino AutoT1 feature!


1) Setup the T1 port in Asterisk as ESF, B8ZS, and to generate clock. In /etc/dahdi/system.conf" the following span configuration line (assuming the first span) should look like:

span = 1,0,0,esf, b8zs

2) Now set the signaling to LOOP for all channels. In /etc/dahdi/system.conf, be sure to use the "opposite" channel type, meaning that for FXS you use fxo, and for FXO you use fxs.

# this is for a FXS channelbank
fxoks = 1-24

# this is for a FXO channelbank
fxsks = 1-24

3) Be sure to do the same in chan_dahdi, but the syntax is a bit different, with an added underscore. In /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf, you use

; this is for an FXS channelbank
signalling = fxo_ks
channel => 1-24

; this is for an FXO channelbank
signalling = fxs_ks
channel => 1-24

4) Remember to run "dahdi_cfg" after making these changes to get them to be loaded bydahdi. You will also need to restart Asterisk.

5) Be sure that the CB24 is connected to the T1 port on the Asterisk server with a T1 crossover cable. The T1 crossover cable is the red cable that comes with the CB24, if you have to make one, the wiring is pins 1-2 connect to 4-5, and 4-5 connect to 1-2,

T1 Port CB24
1 ------------------------- 4
2 ------------------------- 5
4 ------------------------- 1
5 ------------------------- 2

If this is the first time that the CB24 has been powered on, it will automatically go through the AutoT1 process. If it has been previously powered and has completed its AutoT1 process, and does not say "LOOP" in the first field of the top right of the LCD display, you will need to manually force the AutoT1 process again. Do this by unlocking the keys (1-3-2-4 key sequence) and then use the "Config" (1), then "AutoT1" (1) and then "Yes" (4) menu selections.

5) The CB24 should now go throught the AutoT1 process and finish with three green LEDs lit on the front panel, and the top right of the display should have the first field set to "LOOP".

Applies To

R1T1, R2T1, R4T1, CB24


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