Installing Rhino Drivers on trixbox CE 2.4.x.x

Installing Rhino Drivers on trixbox CE 2.4.x.x


The following article explains how to install Rhino Drivers on trixbox CE 2.4.x.x.
NOTE: These instructions are for systems with any zaptel version except 1.4.8


To install Rhino's driver package in to trixbox CE 2.4 complete the following steps:

1. Stop Asterisk
amportal stop
2. Install the rhino utility
yum -y install rhino-util
3. Run the Rhino utility
4. Configure your Cards manually or with genzaptelconf and restart asterisk with : amportal start
5. To make your files load on boot you will need to adjust the rc.local or /etc/sysconfig/zaptel for details see

Forcing load order for Hot Plug Kernels.

To check to make sure that the drivers do in fact work and that the cards are recognized you can either type lsmod or zttool and search for the cards. If you do not see them try modprobing for the specific card or by performing a restart.

Applies To

R1T1, R1T1-ec, R2T1, R2T1-ec R4FXO-ec, R8FXX-ec, R24FXX-ec, R24FXO-ec, R24FXS-ec


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