Basic Start-Up - AutoT1

Basic Start-Up - AutoT1


All CB24 models have a unique feature called AutoT1, which is an artificial intelligence mode that queries all interconnections to the CB24, and then sets the proper modes sensed.

The CB24 is set to perform an AutoT1 out of the box, when power is applied for the first time, when a valid T1 link is sensed. The configuration screen will depict that no T1 cable is connected until the T1 link is provided to the CB24.  At that time, the CB24 will query the T1 and set itself up for the best mode possible.


To initiate an AutoT1 after the CB24 has performed an AutoT1, simple unlock the menu with the 1-3-2-4 key press, then use the Config, AutoT1, and Yes key presses.

If, for some reason, you wish for the CB24 to "come out" of the AutoT1 mode, simply hold down buttons 1 and 4 simultaneously. Please note that the CB24 will be setup for LOOP signaling on the T1, if you wish to change that please go to the Config, then T1 menu item. Be sure to press Save once you have the proper settings dialed in.

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